Felicia Joyce Designs was launched on May 1, 2013.  The purpose for FJDESIGN is to be a place people can come for any design needs, photography, branding, design, decor, you name it.  I don’t ever want to limit the direction of FJDESIGN, so I welcome challenges, for when we are challenged we grow into what we thought we’d never be able to become, and that is what is exciting about life! FJDESIGN is definitely a dream in the making.

Hi, I am honored you are taking the time to read about my dream!  With a BA in Graphic Design, from Huntington University, I am the Creative Designer behind FELICIA JOYCE DESIGNS. Art and Design are who I am.  Everywhere I look, I see beauty, creativity, and designs.

FJDESIGN was created for the sole purpose to live out creativity. My challenge is to have a life of art, not just to be about art. A challenge that allows me to show creativity in all of life.

FJDESIGN holds a unique quality. I am constantly challenging myself to not conform and be willing to break the rules for the sake of creativity itself. With vast skills and a welcomed attitude to new challenges, I have a freedom to where there is no limit. I am not afraid to learn, to fail and I always believe that nothing is impossible with hard work and determination.

My hope in this adventure is that, through FJDESIGN, I can show authenticity, inspire others and always communicate a joy in life.

I am daily dying to myself and putting my trust in the one and only God. Always, looking for the positives in each day, living full of joy, and remembering to laugh, often! Currently, I am working on the beginnings of a dream, not sure where it will lead me but excited to be on this journey. Not only am I excited about my dream but I love helping others in making their passions come to life in visuals, and helping their dreams come true, as well!

Life is a journey, most days can be stressful, hard and unknown, but the key is to find the joy and cling to the small positives we are given. For those, are truly a blessing!

I would love to get to know you and would be honored to hear about your dreams and any designs needed to help those dreams come to life.  Feel free to contact me so we can get started on a fun journey!

– Felicia Pettigrew

So thankful for my CLIENTS!
Here are a few:

Woodland Hills Family Church | Branson, MO
Cushman Properties | Branson, MO
Focus on the Family’s National Institute of Marriage | Branson, MO
New Leaf Publishing Group | Green Forest, AR
Jonesen | Branson, MO
Pizza World Franchise | Midwest Region
Bent Oaks Labradoodles | South Carolina
LinkAbility | Branson, MO
Eagle Eye Commercial Cleaning | Hillsboro, IL
Fellowship of Christian Athletes | South Central Missouri

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