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Working alongside dreams, providing visuals & communication through design [est2013]

The heartbeat behind FJDESIGN is to be a place people can come for branding, design, photography, decor, you name it.  I don’t ever want to limit the direction of FJDESIGN, so I welcome challenges, for when we are challenged we grow into what we thought we’d never be able to become, and that is what is exciting about life! FJDESIGN is definitely a dream in the making.



I am taking on new projects, clients and challenges. Let’s start working together and see what gets created.

→ Branding

A brand becomes your identity.

→ Design

Creating visuals that communicate.

→ Photography

Capturing the moment.

13 years
of experience

Felicia Pettigrew graduated in 2011 with a BA in Graphic Design from Huntington University. Soon after launching FJDESIGN in 2013.

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